December 30, 2010
I met Lucas when he was only three weeks old. He was so good during our session. He's like a little Gerber baby. Those cheeks are so adorable! Elizabeth and Dave are incredible parents. So calm. So loving. Thank you for such a fun day capturing your little man.

"We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body." - ralph waldo emerson 

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Shy says:

What a cutie!

(12.30.10 @ 01:55 PM)
Anar says:

I can't believe how incredible this photos are. They completely capture how adorable Lucas is!! One of my favorites is Dave and Elizabeth looking at each other with lucas and I love of his adorable belly!!! I know I may be partial, but he is such an adorable baby and so good!!! Great job Linds!!

(12.30.10 @ 07:16 PM)
Bri says:

Lucas and his parents are the cutest things ever. 'Nuff said. Great photos Lindsey!

(01.03.11 @ 06:00 PM)
clemence says:

This baby is so adorable ! congratulations

(01.04.11 @ 07:32 AM)