Melissa is amazing! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is incredibly fun and full of life. She knows what she wants and she speaks her mind. I love that about her. 

We had so much fun styling this shoot. Melissa had her makeup done by the amazing Jimena Garcia and wore Hunter Dixon clothes! She choose the pink Mo Mo top, blue and gold Ellie dress and the Blakely jacket in yellow brocade with silver. Amazing.

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Shy says:

I love the side profile picture of Melissa in her black coat! The cab shots are also great-classic New York!

(11.18.10 @ 10:46 AM)
Anwen Norman says:

LOVE these photos!! She has amazing style, and the photography is stunning. I'm dying to know...where did she get the nude pumps?? I'm LOVING those!!

(11.18.10 @ 10:50 AM)
Samantha says:

Ok, I am obsessed with these!! She is be-au-ti-ful! And your work is beyond stunning!

(11.23.10 @ 09:56 AM)