Maud, Camille and Marie live in Paris, and they wanted to celebrate their friendship with a fun shoot in New York City! What a fun idea! Friendship is so wonderful. On this Thanksgiving week, I am thinking about all of the incredible people in my life.

"Life is partly what we make it, and partly made by the friends we choose." -- Tennessee Williams

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Virginie says:

Wow,it looks like they all had a lot fun fun. Maudie looks so happy, love the way you gave them the New York vibe! Congrats once again and thank you for making all your models so special and happy. Happy Thanksgiving!

(11.24.10 @ 09:16 PM)
Shy says:

I love the shot of the three shadows, and the one with the shoe in the air!!! So fun!

(11.24.10 @ 10:35 PM)
Maud says:

Wahou !!! I love them all ! Thanks Lindsey !

(11.25.10 @ 02:00 AM)