Susan, Brad, Forbes, Stewart, and I did a lot of playing in Freedom Park. When Susan emailed me she told me she loves to see "the laughter in the eyes and the wrinkles." I knew I was going to have fun with this family! I love capturing real moments when the eyes are all wrinkled up and full of joy. It's perfect. And it's real. And this family is incredible; they love to play and joke and laugh. They were kicking balls, jumping high, being silly, swinging from trees, playing with silly bands, and eating candy! I had so much fun with y'all! ;)

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Heidi Fazio says:

these are great, especially the silly bands! great job capturing reality.

(11.09.10 @ 11:39 AM)
Susan says:

These are great! I love them. I can't wait to see the rest...

(11.09.10 @ 01:33 PM)

WOW! I love the sucker picture and Forbes in action kicking the ball....Stewie is losing his baby face. He is beginning to really look like a big boy. Love and miss you all!

(11.09.10 @ 02:49 PM)
Janice remmetter says:

Oh My Gosh!! What great pictures. Not all of the pictures came through and Ihope they will later. I loved them all. What fun everyone had.

(11.09.10 @ 02:52 PM)
Janie Williams says:

Wonderful pictures! The black and white are neat, but I love them all.

(11.09.10 @ 03:42 PM)
Anna Chandler says:

Love these!! You need to make a collage on a wall or up the staircase (when you get one!)

(11.09.10 @ 07:27 PM)
Janice Remmetter says:

I enjoyed the pictures so much here I am again looking at them again. What a good looking family

(11.09.10 @ 07:38 PM)
Shy says:

It looks like they had a great time!

(11.09.10 @ 09:24 PM)
Lindsey says:

So very cute!!!

(11.10.10 @ 06:44 PM)