I love coffee. Cappuccinos are my favorite. There is nothing better than starting the morning with a hot cappuccino. I have seen hearts and leaves made in the foam of cappuccinos before, but I had never in my life seen works of art unfold in the froth of a cappuccino until I photographed Sammy at Bottega Del Vino. He makes the Lion King. Ladies with hats. Intricate flowers. It's totally insane.

Read this article below in the December issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine to hear a few of Sammy's secrets. You never know... you may end up trying to make Lion King in your foam. Or just visit Sammy and ask him to make you one!

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Em says:

Soooo cool. Maybe at Christmas time we'll have to go check this place out :)

(11.04.10 @ 10:46 AM)
Shy says:


(11.04.10 @ 06:24 PM)
John says:

mmmm....looks great....could they are better tasting than Donnie's?

(11.05.10 @ 08:12 AM)