Last weekend I was in Charlotte, North Carolina shooting six different families! It was my first time to Charlotte, and I fell in love! We had perfect weather. It was a whirlwind trip, but I noticed a lot of awesome things about Charlotte. The people are super duper nice. The BBQ is amazing! I could actually drive a car without thinking I was going to get mowed over by a yellow taxi. I saw lots of bows in little girls' hair (I love bows; when I was growing up my mom always put bows in my hair). I do love the bustle and craziness of New York City, but I always enjoy mixing it up!

My first family that I photographed in Freedom Park was Heather, Will, Cameron, Liza and Caroline. They had fun joking around, running, posing like fashion models, dancing, and being silly!  

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catalina says:

oh, my beloved Freedom Park!
you did such a nice job with these!
can't wait to see the rest!!!

(11.05.10 @ 07:22 PM)
Jan Lingle says:

Lindsey , Oh my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures of the mackeys are fabulous , not to mention my grandchildren Rock !!!! Thank you and send me prices . love , Jan
Your talent supasses you !!!

(11.05.10 @ 09:03 PM)
Jayme says:

Lindsey!! These are amazing and Heather immediately told me to check them out! I love each one you captured the girls perfectly! xoxo

(11.05.10 @ 10:00 PM)
Shy says:

These are great. I love all of the smiling faces!

(11.05.10 @ 11:13 PM)