Abby, Hannah, and Sam are very close to my husband Mike and me. Every time I see them they surprise me with their sense of humor and the things they have to say. They are uninhibited. They say what they want.  Their eyes twinkle at the thought of dress-up. Princesses. Tinkerbell. Spiderman. News reporters. They make rules. They jump from the couches. They cry. They laugh. They want to play games all the time. They live in their own world. They braid my hair. They are creative. They are magic. And those eyes... all three of them have the most beautiful expressive eyes that I have ever seen.

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Michael says:

Hey, it's my favorite kids! So funny that although nobody in the family smokes, Hannah makes sure everyone knows it would be against the rules to do so... ha!

(10.22.10 @ 10:26 AM)
Shy says:

These kids are so cute!

(10.22.10 @ 10:41 PM)