Sophie and Jenna are 2. It's incredible how quickly children grow and change. When I went to meet this adorable family to celebrate their 2nd birthday, I was reminded again about how much I love my job and how much I adore this sweet family. 

I first met Jenna and Sophie when they were just born. I watched them cry and kick their little arms and feet. But the most touching thing I saw that first day I met them was the love that Sharon and Jonathan have for them. Sharon and Jonathan truly see Jenna and Sophie as the miracles that they are. They openly appreciate every smile, love every little cry, and savor every moment they share with them.

The second time I photographed Jenna and Sophie on their 1st birthday they were just starting to crawl around on the grass. They wobbled when they sat up.

And today on their 2nd birthday, they are walking, running, climbing up stairs, chasing pigeons, sliding down the slide, laughing, holding hands, and saying a few small words. I am amazed at how much they are learning and changing. They are so adorable. I just love what I do!

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Efrat Gal-or says:

Oh My GOODNESS!!! Sooooo cute! Looks like they had a great time, and looks like they're cute little troublemakers!!

(10.14.10 @ 06:10 PM)
Shy says:

So precious! Great job, Linds.

(10.14.10 @ 07:39 PM)