October 21, 2010
Last night I watched this incredibly inspiring talk on my iPad by Jessica Jackley at TED. Doesn't everyone just love TED? If you haven't heard of it, go now and watch! Amazing. Inspirational. When I watch these talks, it's like I am discovering a surprise candy at the bottom of a slurpie (growing up, all of my friends loved to put 5 cent candies in their slurpies so they would freeze and just when you thought you had finished them all, there would be one little one at the bottom! gold!) or opening up a Wonka bar and finding the golden ticket. I am always amazed at how long I can spend in a trance listening to people speak about their lives. I learn about technology, poverty, suffering, surviving. But most of all, I push myself to expand my horizons and learn things and think about things that I might not have ever known about before.

Jessica Jackley was so emotional. She cried, she laughed, and she was passionate. She is real, and I could relate. Jessica said that entreprenurship is deciding that tomorrow can be better than today. As I listened to her words I saw the golden ticket in my hands. That "ah-ha" moment where I realized that she just summed up the past few years of my life perfectly. When I decided to leave my job in the finance world to pursue my passion to photograph people, that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to make my life even better tomorrow than it was that day. For me. For my husband. For my family. For my friends. For the people I would photograph in the future. To push forward to create the life I wanted to live. To cry, to laugh, and to be passionate about everything I do.

Speaking of passion, I knew Serena and I were going to be friends after her first email to me. She found me through one of her friends and wrote to me about wanting to surprise her fiance Tommy with some shots of herself. He travels a lot and she wanted to give him a thoughtful gift, a gift that he couldn't buy himself. So we did it. We secretly did a shoot and planned it all out. And then we surprised Tommy. We totally got him. Like he won the golden ticket. My life keeps getting better and better every day because of the people that I meet and work with and become friends with. Serena, you are my surprise candy at the bottom of a slurpie. And oh do I love candy!

Thank you for being so amazing.

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Delilah says:

Lindsey - I am a huge fan of your work and Serena is a dear friend of mine. The photos you captured for her special gift were incredible! Cheers to a very talented lady and the beautiful woman I love like a sister.

(10.21.10 @ 04:32 PM)
kay* says:

i love Ted. i'm definitely going to have to watch this video...have you watched the one called 'danger of a single story' so good an eye-opening, i blogged about it too.

fantastic pictures as usual. i love how fashion/editorial your pictures are.

(10.21.10 @ 07:51 PM)
Shy says:

What great photos and what an inspirational message!

(10.21.10 @ 08:08 PM)

@kay* I just watched Danger of a Single Story. Loved it! What a beautiful way to think about the world. Thank you for sharing!

(10.21.10 @ 08:31 PM)
Beebe says:

I love this! And Serena looks so beautiful, what a great surprise!

(10.22.10 @ 11:53 AM)
Samantha Shay says:

Lindsey, what you wrote gave me chills! So beautifully articulated. This is so obviously your true calling, your talent and vision is utterly inspired. These images are just stunning!!

(10.24.10 @ 07:01 PM)
catalina says:

she's such a bad-ass - i think these are great!!!

(11.05.10 @ 07:22 PM)