Photographers often talk about not taking enough photographs of their friends and families (not to mention themselves!!!), so when my parents arrived in New York a few weeks ago, we set out to do a quick shoot. They totally rocked it. My parents are so incredibly awesome. They are so cool and hip and relaxed and fun! We had a fabulous time together, and I love that I will have these photographs to treasure forever. I love you both so very much. 

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marnie parkes says:

we had so much fun in new york with lindsey and michael doing this amazing photo are so much fun and so talented you

(10.08.10 @ 12:06 PM)
catalina says:

so sweet! i esp. love the last shot!
i'm bummed i didn't have a chance to meet them this time around!

(10.08.10 @ 12:25 PM)
Timmi says:

Great shots!! I think they are all my favorite :)

(10.08.10 @ 12:36 PM)
Shy says:

The two of you look great!!!

(10.08.10 @ 08:52 PM)