I flew to Paris to photograph Eva in her mommy's tummy and then again to photograph Eva when she was first born! And today Eva is moving back to New York. So, I thought I would post a few photographs that I took this summer when she visited. I am so happy to have her back! She is one of the sweetest babies I have ever met. Her smiles just melt me and those eyes are so exquisite. See you soon!

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Jamie says:

I have a folder in my RSS feeder titled "eye candy". I was just sifting through and realized that your images make up nearly half of that folder! Thanks for that :)

(10.12.10 @ 06:07 PM)
Eva Ghighi says:

Lindsey, Mommy showed me the pics today. I love them. I have grown so much since you took them already that I almost did not recognize myself :-)
I cannot wait to see you and show you how I send kisses and wave "good bye" although we just moved back to NYC. Hope to see u this WE. xoxo Eva bear

(10.14.10 @ 11:13 PM)