Adie and Ryan are very special friends of mine. I met Adie a few years ago through mutual friends, and we have been close ever since. She is fiercely loyal and extremely funny, energetic and sweet. And when we get together we just chat and chat and laugh and chat. You get the point! She came to my wedding a little over a year ago and was the bouquet catcher! I have never known a bouquet catcher that was the next one married. But in this case it worked! I think my bouquet was just a tad bit lucky! ;)

I am thrilled that Adie and Ryan are getting married in Sonoma next year! They are so perfect together. They respect each other. They make each other laugh. They tease each other. Speaking of which... one of Ryan's favorite things about Adie is the way she shakes her fists back and forth like a kid when she is excited. And Adie just loves to laugh and giggle when he pokes fun of her. Oh sweet love.

I asked Adie and Ryan what they love most about each other. The first thing they both said was how much they love that the other person adores and appreciates friends and family. A perfect match! I think it is so important to cultivate, maintain, and appreciate friendships with people that you love. I feel so lucky to be able to surround myself with people that are in love and to get to know more about them and their relationships.

Thanks for spending a beautiful windy day with me! 

p.s. I didn't realize it when I took it, but I just love the 6th photograph from the top. There are so many interesting things going on. Adie has the cutest look on her face and is staring at Ryan. Ryan is looking off to my left where this crazy mid-day nightclub was blasting music. The woman passing by is looking at Adie. The kid in the cab is looking outside at Adie... or something else?

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Akil Bennett says:

really cool session! I like your b&w's

(10.19.10 @ 10:10 AM)
Carey says:

Another great session Lind! Congrats to the couple and I love the tilt shift shots, done perfectly!

(10.19.10 @ 10:27 AM)
Adie says:

I LOVE THEM, LINDSEY! You are incredible! Thanks for the kind words too! You are such a great friend!

(10.19.10 @ 01:19 PM)
beebe says:

Love it! I love the info at the top and the pic that looks like a miniature!!!

(10.19.10 @ 03:08 PM)
George Ellis says:


(10.19.10 @ 03:37 PM)
Shy says:

I love these pictures and the heartfelt message from their special photographer!

(10.19.10 @ 10:03 PM)
Aima says:

Adie & Ryan you guys look so good. Linds always captures the moment. sooooo happy for you guys. xoxo

(10.20.10 @ 09:06 AM)