Nina and Mike got married on a gorgeous ranch in Montana. It was incredible for me to shoot such a generous, loving couple in such a neat place. The ceremony was so romantic and the reception was just beautiful. I learned a thing or two about country music and dancing! I had so much fun! Enjoy!

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Rachel Clare says:

These are SO FUN. Just full of joy!

(09.01.10 @ 07:41 PM)
Shy says:

It looks like they had a great time!

(09.02.10 @ 08:02 AM)
jaine says:

the sparklers are my favorite! what lens do you use? it looks like a wide angle but then again you get so close! love your work!

(09.02.10 @ 11:36 AM)
Timmi says:

What a great couple, amazing weekend and gorgeous pictures!

(09.02.10 @ 12:49 PM)