Nina and Mike got married in Ennis, Montana this summer, and I had the pleasure of photographing them, their families, and their friends for two days! I had never been out there before so it was quite an experience!! I now know why it really is the big sky state. It is so shockingly gorgeous. I didn't want to leave! 

Day 1 they had a picnic/BBQ lunch by a lake. Canoeing. Throwing stones. Hot Dogs. Field flowers. Good friends. Beer. That night they had their rehearsal dinner on a friend's ranch. Blue skies. BBQ. Homemade pie. Cowboys.

Day 2 will be up next on the blog! Enjoy! I had a fabulous time there with you both. 

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catalina says:

beautiful shots! beautiful - amazing - skies!
can't wait to see more!

(09.01.10 @ 12:29 PM)
Kathryn Callaway says:

Out of this world Pictures. It is hard to capture the feeling of "our Montana" -- but I believe you have done it. Can not wait to see the whole collection. You are an extreamly talanted team.

(09.01.10 @ 02:01 PM)
Shy says:

I love the scenery! Beautiful pictures.

(09.01.10 @ 06:56 PM)
Supermar says:

I adore all the Montana shots. So beautiful.

(10.15.10 @ 11:48 PM)