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Efrat Gal-or says:

VERY COOL! Looks like it was a fun shoot!

(09.17.10 @ 10:08 AM)
Trent says:

OBSESSED! with EVERY SINGLE IMAGE! love them Lindsey!

(09.17.10 @ 10:35 AM)
Anar says:

Awesome Linds!! The pics are so amazing!!! Great colors!!!

(09.17.10 @ 12:30 PM)
angela hubbard says:

so gorgeous. great work Lindsay

(09.17.10 @ 02:47 PM)
Shy says:

Fabulous clothing, fabulous shots!

(09.17.10 @ 07:11 PM)
heather mackey says:

lindsey you are truly talented. It was so much fun to meet you and watch you work. These shots are amazing and I hope you can photograph my girls one day.

(09.17.10 @ 09:00 PM)
Supermar says:

These shots are amazing and gorgeous! I love them!

(10.15.10 @ 11:36 PM)