Alice and Humberto are just incredible. They are so fun and so loving. And so fashionable. I just adore Alice's dresses. We had a blast going around the city shooting at some neat locations. Thank you both for being so awesome!

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Em says:

So cool, Linds!! I love the locations you guys chose, these photos are amazing!!

(09.02.10 @ 11:39 AM)
Beebe says:

I love the pic in the park with the glimmer off her dress. Le Sigh... so cute

(09.02.10 @ 01:14 PM)
Shy says:

They look fabulous!

(09.02.10 @ 07:36 PM)
Jieh & Timothy says:

A&H - You guys are so cute and glam all at the same time! You chose such fun locations and you look amazing - we love you guys!! Lindsey- you've done an exquisite job once again!

(09.03.10 @ 01:23 PM)
Wendy Norman says:

Absolutely stunning, as usual!! I've been following your blog for awhile now...not sure why I haven't commented before! I love every shoot you have such a great style! :)

(09.08.10 @ 04:21 PM)