Sylvia and Ola are an incredible couple! We had so much fun together! Aren't Sylvia's Leah C. head pieces amazing? And her Fendi and Christian Louboutin shoes to die for? What a stylish woman! And Ola is stylish himself. His blazers and pocket squares are insane. Thank you both for being so fun and for laughing so much with me!!! 

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ljkc says:

amaz shots Linds! did you nab any of those shoes/headpieces for us?! girl's got style ;) xo

(08.05.10 @ 11:24 AM)
timmi says:

Great shots! The shoes, the headpieces- the couple! They look so happy!

(08.05.10 @ 03:54 PM)
Shy says:

These are very creative and candid shots. Great work, Linds!

(08.05.10 @ 08:33 PM)
Kayla says:

Girl, these look great! LOVE the close-up shots!

(08.12.10 @ 11:07 AM)
jaine says:

these are so fun! love'em....

(08.25.10 @ 11:26 AM)