I photographed Keri and her husband Ron on her birthday last week right before her big party! We shot on the roof of their building in New York. Isn't Keri stunning? So gorgeous and so sweet. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!

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Jason says:

Who came first? You or Sarah Rhoads?

(06.21.10 @ 03:43 PM)
Shy says:


(06.21.10 @ 07:47 PM)
sue and ira says:

keri...wow....you just keep getting better


Keri...you just keep getting better and better.

Happy Birthday gorgeous.

Love and kisses

Ira and Sue


(06.21.10 @ 11:12 PM)
Erin says:

Lindsey you are amazing - Keri you are one hot mama and where can I get those legs? Soul Cycle or Newport Beach! Love you girl - What a night!

(06.22.10 @ 04:17 PM)