Aryn and Jeremy just got engaged! I was so excited to photograph them in the city. We had fun all over the place! They both love golf, so we did a little bit of shooting at Chelsea Piers! I just adore Aryn's outfits and shoes. She is so gorgeous! And they are so adorable together! I had so much fun!!! Enjoy!

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Aryn says:

These are amazing Lindsey. We can't thank you enough. We had so much fun Shooting them. Can't wait to see the rest!

(06.04.10 @ 09:53 AM)
Emily DeWan says:

Fun! I enjoy the golfing series. They look like a fun couple.

(06.04.10 @ 10:05 AM)
Rachel Clare says:

A.MAZ.ING. Love these.

(06.04.10 @ 10:47 AM)
Marilyn Hellinger says:

Great pictures. Aryn looks like a model.

(06.04.10 @ 10:52 AM)
efrat Gal-or says:

I love the one where you can see Aryn through Jeremy's arms as he's finished the swing. Great photos!!

(06.04.10 @ 11:12 AM)
Shy says:

I love the golfing shots. Awesome work, Linds!

(06.06.10 @ 11:02 AM)
catalina says:

the golf club and her heels - that shot is freaking awesome!
love these shots. you rock!!!!!

(06.06.10 @ 07:19 PM)
Joyce Marie says:

I just found this website after I saw Aryn and Jeremy's wedding
announcement in the NYTimes yesterday...Great pix.

(03.14.11 @ 11:12 AM)