Timmi and Josh are married! I didn't officially shoot the wedding because I was in it, but I had my camera in hand to capture the incredible moments. I am so happy for them!! Congratulations!!! I love you both so much.

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Beebe says:

I LOVE them. I love the one especially hugging and tim's hair in the wind. I audibly sighed. You guys look GORGEOUS. (per the usual :) ) love love love you and linds, you rule also per the usual. miss you guys like CRAZY!!!!!!

(05.12.10 @ 12:50 PM)
Timmi says:

Yay!! I LOVE these Lindsey! Thank you for documenting our journey from LA to Hawaii! So special to have these from you- I am in love with each and every single shot! Amazing.

(05.12.10 @ 12:58 PM)
Nicole Z. says:

i agree with liz... notice how their expressions are exactly the same in that pic? helps that timmi and josh are so good looking but lindsey, you amaze me. i love these people and i love these pics!

(05.12.10 @ 12:58 PM)
Akil Bennett says:

whoa lindsey, these are great!

(05.12.10 @ 01:06 PM)
Shiva says:

The pictures are amazing. Timmi you look so beautiful, congratulations!

(05.12.10 @ 01:30 PM)
Shy says:

These are beautiful!

(05.12.10 @ 07:56 PM)
Shy says:

These are beautiful!

(05.12.10 @ 07:57 PM)
Angelica says:

Congrats Timmi! You look amazing! Lindsey - the photos came out beautiful!

(05.14.10 @ 09:54 AM)
Nana says:

Fabulous pictures Lindsey - it's wonderful to see the love and happiness captured so beautifully - and that dress!!!

(05.15.10 @ 12:05 PM)
Supermar says:

That dress is amazing!

(05.17.10 @ 08:15 PM)
Leah C. says:

Absolutely stunning Timmi ! You are quite a site to behold ! You look magical ! Congratulations
Love, Leah C.

(05.18.10 @ 05:35 PM)
Angela Hubbard says:

congrats. these are awesome pics L

(05.22.10 @ 11:19 AM)