After Timmi and Josh's wedding party in LA, we went to the SLS Hotel to do a fun shoot! My sister has always been (and always will be) my muse. She is breathtakingly gorgeous! I am so very happy that she and Josh found each other. They are so perfect.

The headpiece that Timmi is wearing was made by the incredible Leah C.!

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BEEBE says:

Someone turn on the Air Conditioning 'cause these pics are HOT!!

xoxoxoxoxooxxoox love you guys

(05.04.10 @ 01:13 PM)
Virginie says:

Timmy, you looks fabulous, the dress, the smile, the eyes...the 2 of you are so happy on those pics. Congratulations on your wedding!!! P.S: the dress is perfect, a little mermaidy, a little short, a little best choice ever!

(05.04.10 @ 01:18 PM)
Nicole Z. says:

timmi and josh are gorgeous anyway, but lindsey... man oh man. you make their light shine like no other. these shots are amazing - you are amazing.

(05.04.10 @ 02:10 PM)
Jayme says:

AMAZING!! These shots are incredible!! And they both look gorgeous in every one! Congratulations Timmi and Josh!!!!

(05.04.10 @ 03:01 PM)
John Lynch says:

Great pix! What a beautiful couple! And beautiful photography by Lindsey. Pat and I wish we could have been there for the party.

(05.04.10 @ 03:34 PM)
Nicola says:

Great pics Linds!

(05.04.10 @ 05:22 PM)
Timmi says:

Lindsey, we LOOOOOOVVEE these!!! Josh and I have looked at them about a million times already and can't thank you enough! We had so much fun on the shoot- the pics turned out amazing!!!! And thank you everyone for the comments! Man of my dreams + SLS + best photographer EVER = priceless memories that we'll have forever. Thank you thank you!

(05.04.10 @ 08:54 PM)
Kayla says:

These are SO, SO awesome! I love them!!

(05.05.10 @ 12:02 PM)
Erica says:

AMAZING photos - love your work!!!

(05.05.10 @ 07:54 PM)
Shy says:

Love the dress! What a good looking couple. Congratulations!

(05.06.10 @ 06:53 AM)
Angela Hubbard says:


(05.07.10 @ 12:51 AM)
Alexandra says:

These are beautiful!!

(05.10.10 @ 12:44 PM)
Carey says:

WOW!!!!! This is my fave shoot from you Lin! WOW, super sexy shots!!!

(05.11.10 @ 04:21 PM)
Leah C. says:

Timmi you are hot stuff from head to toe !
Love your look, baby.
Amazing shots Lindsey Belle ! What a beautiful way to remember this special day for ever !
Big kiss,

(05.18.10 @ 05:36 PM)