Elizabeth and Emma are such beautiful little girls. Elizabeth likes to laugh and play and twirl and dance. Emma likes to smile and watch her older sister. John and Catherine are amazing parents. It was such a pleasure to photograph this gorgeous family and see the love they have for each other! Thanks again for such a fun day!

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Shy says:

Cute family!

(05.14.10 @ 07:08 AM)
Angelica says:

The photos came out amazing! I love the picture of Elizabeth in sunglasses - what a diva! And Emma looks so sweet!

(05.14.10 @ 09:50 AM)
Timmi says:

Beautiful girls! Look at those eyes...on both of them! Lucky girls, and lucky parents!

(05.14.10 @ 12:50 PM)
Catherine says:

Thank you Lindsey! We love the pictures, you really captured our girl's personalities!

(05.19.10 @ 09:25 AM)