Brad is one of my best friends. Five years ago he moved to Chicago from NYC. A few weekends ago we went to Chicago to visit Brad and to meet his new puppy Moose. Moose is such a sweetie. I love how high Moose jumps to get his ball and how he does his tricks so perfectly (do you notice how he is posing for the camera?). We had such a fun shoot on the beach where Brad and Moose walk every day. I couldn't believe how turquoise the water was! Enjoy!! 

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ellie says:

ahh this is who you were talking about. He's cute. Great pictures :)

(05.19.10 @ 08:55 AM)
Andrew Rozell says:

I added your blog to my reader about 2 weeks ago and I am so thankful for that decision. I am starting to look forward to seeing a new blog post when I log into my reader each morning. You take fantastic pictures and your fashion/editorial look is very distinct. I am just starting to pursue photography more intently and you are an inspiration. Continue the great work.

(05.19.10 @ 10:44 AM)
Shy says:

These are great!

(05.20.10 @ 06:48 AM)
Timmi says:

Love these of moose and brad! Doggies really are the best!

(05.20.10 @ 11:49 AM)
Angela Hubbard says:

Lindsay, these photos are amazing. the talent is adorable too!

(05.22.10 @ 11:16 AM)
beebe says:

tru dat. xo doggies

(05.25.10 @ 05:28 PM)