When I arrived at Amanda and Doug's apartment to do a quick follow up shoot (she was due in a few days) before baby, Amanda had started her contractions. So we actually got a shoot of her belly right before baby boy came into the world! Amanda is so gorgeous. I can't believe how incredible she looks. Congratulations!

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Timmi says:

She is stunning! I can't believe she is at the end of her pregnancy- the pics are great!!

(05.05.10 @ 11:12 AM)
Shy says:

She is stunning! Great pics.

(05.06.10 @ 06:50 AM)
Anonymous says:

thankis lindsey these are super, as expected! i can't believe that i was having contrcti ons that whole times! omg! and low and behold... Jackson Wilder arrived about 36 hrs later! a happy big boy!!! looking forward to many more shoots for all of us! xoxoxo

(05.07.10 @ 09:51 AM)