Before I left to Hawaii for my sister's wedding (I have a ton of posts coming!), I photographed Alexandra and her mom Levana. Alexandra is such a sweet baby. We had so much fun dressing her up in her adorable clothes and playing with her. I always have so much fun photographing babies and their mommies. The bond is so special. Thanks for such a fun afternoon!

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Em says:

I love these pics, Linds! She is so cute! Also can't wait to see some photos of Hawaii :)

(04.26.10 @ 12:01 PM)
Timmi says:

What a cutie! Look at those eyes (and lashes!). Great photo's of baby and mother- what special moments. Wonderful job!!!

(04.26.10 @ 12:21 PM)
Shy says:

So cute!

(04.27.10 @ 06:57 AM)
Supermar says:

These are so good. I especially love the b&w one of both of them together. Amazing.

(05.11.10 @ 04:03 PM)