For their new website, Hunter and Jen wanted to get some photographs of them out and about in New York. We spent the morning taking these fun shots! They are both so talented and so gorgeous.

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Timmi says:

These photo's are great! They look like they had so much fun! Beautiful clothes and beautiful girls!!

(03.30.10 @ 06:06 PM)
Angela Hubbard says:

gorgeous Lindsay~

(03.30.10 @ 07:27 PM)
Shy says:

Great shots, they look so happy!

(03.30.10 @ 07:43 PM)
Janel Erikson says:

awesome shots!

(03.30.10 @ 09:45 PM)
Carey says:

As usual you managed to capture the essence and fun of any day. Wonderful spirit in every shot!

(03.31.10 @ 03:57 PM)
Heidi Fazio says:

WOW WOW WOW, love that last one!!!

(03.31.10 @ 08:59 PM)
Olivia Leigh says:

So pretty and vibrant! I feel like only in New York do so many women look like this!

(04.07.10 @ 12:38 PM)