In yoga class this week one of my teachers started the class with this thought: be receptive to the miracles. I was immediately intrigued. What exactly does she mean by receptive? What miracles is she talking about? As she explained it, we must be open to positive things happening in our lives. We must carve out a little part of us that believes in us and that believes in our dreams. If we are closed off and negative, we may miss the incredible opportunities that come our way everyday.

As I held myself in downward dog, I thought briefly about what she said. And when I left class, this idea of being receptive danced around in my head. I always think of myself as an optimistic person, someone that is open to new ideas, thoughts and possibilities. But what if it is possible to be even more receptive? We can always push ourselves to learn more, to be more positive and to believe in miracles.

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Shari says:

i love this idea of being receptive to the miracles...i want to do the same!!! thanks for sharing!

(03.31.10 @ 05:21 PM)
Shy says:

You are so right! Like attracts like...if you are positive, positive things will come into your life.

(03.31.10 @ 08:35 PM)
Heidi Fazio says:

thank you for sharing, i love yoga for so many reasons - so good for your mind.

(03.31.10 @ 08:57 PM)
Timmi says:

Dream big and make it happen!! Belief in miracles, positive thoughts and well manicured toes are all you need!

(04.02.10 @ 04:06 PM)
Beebe says:

Ditto to what Tim said... :D

(04.05.10 @ 10:07 AM)
Adie says:

I love your positive outlook, Lindsey!

(04.17.10 @ 09:22 AM)