Nicola and Keith are two of my dearest friends! Isn't Nicola just stunning pregnant? She is glowing! Last year I photographed them for Nicola's 30th Birthday! What a change one year has made! They are due at the end of March. So soon. I can't wait to meet baby boy! Lots of love, xoxo

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Nicola says:

Linds, You do AMAZING work! Thanks so much for the amazing experience...only a few more weeks b/f we can do the next shoot!

(02.26.10 @ 01:45 PM)
Kay says:

OMG, Lindsey, these pictures are gorgeous, although you did have a very beautiful subject to work with.

Nic, you are simply stunning. I love all the pictures and can't wait to see my new grandson.

(02.26.10 @ 02:54 PM)
Timmi says:

I definitely teared up on this one Linds!! Nicole looks unbelievable! You can definitely feel the love in all of these pics- Even the dog looks happy :) I LOVE the photo of Keith holding on to her tummy and smiling! Congratulations!!!!

(02.26.10 @ 03:09 PM)
Timmi says:

TYPO!!! I wrote Nicole instead of Nicola...oooppps!!!!

(02.26.10 @ 03:11 PM)
Shy says:

Nicola: You look beautiful pregnant!!! Linds: Great shots! You really know how to capture the moment...
I can't wait to see their new baby boy...Congratulations Nicola and Keith!

(02.26.10 @ 08:53 PM)
Rachel Clare says:

what a joy for them to have these images. stunning, as always, my friend!

(02.27.10 @ 10:58 PM)
Andrea says:

Glowing - fabulous shots, cannot wait to meet him!

(03.05.10 @ 10:43 AM)
ashleigh says:

great images lindsey! i love your style!!! so nice meeting you at wppi :)

(03.13.10 @ 05:10 PM)