Jieh and Timothy are the sweetest couple. I was so lucky to spend a fun afternoon out around New York City with them! We laughed (and danced!) all over the city. Central Park. The Met. Columbia. I can't even wait to shoot their wedding events later this summer! Enjoy!!!

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Efrat says:


(02.01.10 @ 05:13 PM)
Shy says:

They look so happy together!

(02.01.10 @ 08:01 PM)
Susan says:

amazing! such an infectiously happy couple! hot stuff.

(02.01.10 @ 09:16 PM)
Timmi says:

so sweet and so happy. i love all of them!

(02.01.10 @ 09:23 PM)
Lt says:

Timothy looks like a J. Crew model in the first shot and a Nautica stud in the rest. Jieh looks too excited by a hotdog.

(02.02.10 @ 07:36 PM)
Alexandra says:

Your work is so inspiring!!!! I love it! It's all so natural, artsy and beautiful all at the same time. Great work :)

(02.05.10 @ 08:39 AM)
stephanie says:

These pictures are just so much fun! It seems like you really captured their personalities! I'm glad I followed the link on Amelia's blog and I can't wait to see more pictures soon! :) :)

(02.05.10 @ 04:57 PM)
stacey says:

just found your blog and love love your work. these are fantastic!

(02.08.10 @ 10:33 PM)
Olivia Leigh says:

Love these and love your style! Great.

(02.09.10 @ 04:55 PM)