In Paris I was so lucky to photograph Laura and her parents Amandine and Mirco! Laura has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest personality. It was so fun to see her play, laugh and smile with her parents! Thank you for the wonderful time!!! Enjoy!

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Amandine and Mirco says:

Waouh!!! Thank you for these wonderful pictures of our little one! You made us a wonderful gift to catch these precious moments of happyness!!!

(12.29.09 @ 04:09 PM)
Shy says:

What a cute family!

(12.29.09 @ 07:50 PM)
Maud says:

Whouah... They are so cute !! You have done a wonderful job again Lindsey !

(01.04.10 @ 01:52 AM)
Virginie says:

Not only is Laura (the little girl) so cute bt look how happy she was. I guess she enjoyed it just as much as her parents. Love the connection in between the young parents and the one with their child. Congrats!

(01.08.10 @ 02:10 PM)
Kirsten Staggs says:

These are gorgeous. Those eyes are to die for. Thank you for sharing.


(02.05.10 @ 06:14 PM)