Olivia and Cooper are the sweetest 3 year old twins! I photographed them this weekend in Central Park. What a day! We really lucked out with the weather. And these two were just amazing in front of the camera. Aren't they the cutest?

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Em says:

Oh my goodness...these kids really are the cutest!! And I love the fall leaves in these photos!

(11.23.09 @ 09:24 AM)
Oliva & Cooper's Dad says:

lindsey was great with the kids. she was patient and engaging. the kids warmed up to her and the camera quickly. they had a blast and it shows in the pix. thanks for a memorable time.

(11.23.09 @ 09:50 AM)
Shy says:

What adorable kids!

(11.24.09 @ 07:06 AM)
Brenda Kinder says:

Just had a wonderful time looking at all the pictures on your blog Linds - they re so full of joy it makes me happy just to see them. It was nice to see Evan looking so relaxed - he has such an expressive face - and the dog is cute too. Look forward to seeing your new projects.

(01.27.10 @ 02:04 AM)