I met Chrystelle and Raphael in Paris and was so lucky to spend some time with them in Montmartre! They are so beautiful and so sweet. And can you feel the intensity between those two? Thank you both so much! See you soon!!

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V&A says:

Andre says: Great pics: we're looking fwd to have a pic of the baby alone in its troller in front of a graffitti door in Montmartre!
Virginie says: Cricri is my best friend but also an amazingly beautiful lady. I think she found her match (for Life hoepfully!) and the perfect photographer to catch their "moments". We see love, it smells eternity and the setting is outstanding. My favorites: the lamp post in Montmartre and the Hug (last pic). Congrats Linssey!

(11.02.09 @ 11:31 AM)
Timmi says:

Tres belle Lindseybelle!

(11.02.09 @ 06:24 PM)
Shy says:

What a good looking couple. Linds, you seem to bring out the best smiles in everyone!

(11.02.09 @ 08:38 PM)
Maribel says:


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Maribel says:


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