What a wedding! I flew down to Charleston, South Carolina to shoot Craig and Megan's wedding! What an incredible day. They are two of the most amazing people I know. They are so talented and so fun! And take a look at their details: Megan's insanely romantic dress (the beautiful dress with a slight hint of pink was Megan's grandmother's dress that her mother also wore), the fabulous shoes (Christian Dior blue shoes for the getaway outfit, white flower shoes for the dress and Craig's amazing custom Nike shoes for the guys), the location, the food, and the flowers. It was magic. Megan and Craig surrounded themselves with lots of friends and family and it was wonderful to be a part of!!! I had such a fun time and am so happy I could be there on your special day!

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Timmi says:

What a fantastic wedding! Cheers to Megan and Craig!! Amazing photo's for an amazing couple!!

(10.15.09 @ 07:53 PM)
Mike says:

This wedding looks amazing - straight out of a magazine!! Hot pictures!! Lucky couple!! My fav is the wedding ceremony fist pump. Also very cool perspective from way down the aisle in the last picture.

(10.15.09 @ 08:11 PM)
Shy says:

What a great looking couple and super pics!

(10.15.09 @ 08:30 PM)
Shy says:

What a great looking couple and super pics!

(10.15.09 @ 08:30 PM)
Cori Boudin says:

these are the most beautiful wedding photos I've even seen. I wish I could get married all over again :)

(10.15.09 @ 10:47 PM)
Anar says:

This is really well done!!! I love all the photos!! So magical!!

(10.16.09 @ 08:06 PM)
Maren Parsons Events says:

Absolutely breathtaking images. Gorgeous light and colors. I love the vintage dress!

(10.19.09 @ 12:30 AM)
jenny says:

this bride is absolutely STUNNING, she is so photogenic!! i looove the pics! and the TREE under which they got married is the perfect backdrop, what an exquisite setting for a wedding, with the floating candles and the lace dress the bride wore is so classic! i love all the colors in the photos and the adorable bowties of the groomsmen, these pics are fabulous Linds!

(10.31.09 @ 04:48 PM)