I first photographed Sophie and Jenna last year when they were tiny tiny. And look how they have grown. The smiles. The laughs. What an incredible transformation in just under a year. This month they turn 1. Wow. Sophie and Jenna's parents Sharon and Jonathan are incredible. One thing that really touches me is that they always tell me how lucky they are to have their sweet little girls. They are. And they have such fun with their girls. I had such a fun shoot laughing with this beautiful family.

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Timmi says:

Look at those eyes, those lips, those gummy smiles, those toes! Soo cute!

(09.11.09 @ 11:18 AM)
Charity Howell says:

She really captures everything wonderful about your beautiful little ones, their personalities, and the loving family they have. I love it!

(09.11.09 @ 01:22 PM)
Nana says:

I love the wedding photographs Linds - and the children are adorable - and the
fashion pictures make me wish I was young again - and you are such a talented
photographer you catch them all at exactly the right moment. I'm so proud of you.

(10.25.09 @ 06:25 PM)