Hunter Dixon is the most incredible fashion line. Their clothes are so feminine and so beautiful to wear. Here is a preview of their Spring 2010 line. Raw. On the streets of NY.

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Hunter Lingle says:

AMAZING WORK! Stunning! Every shot is perfection!

(09.18.09 @ 08:35 AM)
Anar says:

The line is incredible. The pictures capture the soft feminine lines which is such a perfect contrast to the background. I love that the model is running barefoot!

Great Job!!

(09.18.09 @ 09:43 AM)
Maren Parsons Events says:

These photos and the line are INSANE! When can I place an order?!? :)

(09.18.09 @ 10:40 AM)
Em says:

I LOVE THESE! One of my favorite sets of photos!!

(09.18.09 @ 11:41 AM)
Timmi says:


(09.18.09 @ 01:13 PM)
kisha of Sahara Blue says:

ACK! The outfits are INSANE - love them all! and your photos just rock!

(09.18.09 @ 01:16 PM)
Shy says:

I love the photos and the pretty clothing!

(09.19.09 @ 07:29 AM)
rachel says:

again, i love love love these. beautiful!

(09.21.09 @ 01:09 AM)
Erik A. Kaiser says:

Lindsey, this is amazing work.

(09.23.09 @ 06:47 AM)
jill thomas says:

okay seriously amazing!

(09.23.09 @ 01:38 PM)
Ella says:

Amazing pictures!! I love Hunter Dixon, but I can't find their clothes anywhere. What shops sell their line in New York??

(10.18.09 @ 06:15 PM)
Virginie says:

Awesome! As a French fashionista I would say Hunter Dixon rocks! and roll down all the styles. There are at least 4 dresses and a shirt I wish I could order RIGHT NOW. Let me know how we can get them. Congrats Lindsey, your talent is so obvious, I would say it's contagious from a picture to another... I just wanted to scroll down indefinitely. thx!

(10.22.09 @ 05:21 PM)
Jacquetta McCall says:

I love the pictures and the clothing. You all did a great job.

(01.27.10 @ 03:32 PM)
Jacquetta McCall says:

I love the pictures and the clothing. You all did a great job.

(01.27.10 @ 03:32 PM)
SARA says:

I just came across your website....amazing. I am a fellow photographer in MN and haven't been at it that long but truly appreciate great photography and I am SERIOUSLY in love with your work! I am not sure if you answer any questions related to your business but would love to ask you a few...what are your favorite actions? favorite lens? thanks

(02.06.10 @ 10:02 PM)