Angelica and John are married!!! And they get back from their honeymoon today so I wanted to surprise them with a sneak peek of their special day. Angelica and John are just the most fun people! I was so honored to spend their special day with them! Angelica had the most beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress, Christian Louboutin shoes in a soft lilac, and Phillip Lim sequined dress for the reception. She looked stunning. And John looked incredible. What a pair. Their love is amazing and it shows! Their tented reception was beautiful! Everyone was dancing and laughing and having a ball -- even in the rain! I can't thank you both enough.

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Shy says:

I love the church shot! They look like a great couple.

(09.25.09 @ 01:42 PM)
Timmi says:

what a beautiful wedding and what beautiful shots! congratulations Angelica and John!!

(09.27.09 @ 12:12 PM)
Angelica says:

OMG!! The photos are AMAZING! Lindsey & Timmi, thank you so much for capturing these amazing pictures of our wedding day. I can't wait to see the rest!! xoxo

(09.28.09 @ 09:55 AM)
denise says:

these photos are amazing...what a photo shoot, you look like you belong in a magazine ad!! Everyone had a really good time and it shows...Can't wait to see the rest...

(10.01.09 @ 08:38 AM)
Rico says:

Unbelievable pics Lindsey. Angles, presentation, colors. Quintessential. Thank you. -Rico (Angelica's Bro)

(10.05.09 @ 09:13 PM)
Joe says:

Beautiful pictures! We are verry happy for you guys! But where's the picture of the Best Man?

(10.07.09 @ 11:31 PM)