Erik is starting a new show called Erik Kaiser Venture, and I am his documentary photographer for the show! These images will be used to promote the show. Stay tuned to hear more, but the idea is that he will be interviewing celebrities and top business executives.

I am so excited to be involved. Erik is such an incredible guy! He is hysterically funny and intensely brillant, and this show is just going to be so amazing.

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Shy says:

So neat!

(08.06.09 @ 06:35 AM)
Tara says:

LOVE this set - the highline is awesome!!

(08.10.09 @ 05:10 PM)
Timmi says:

These photo's are great!!

(08.11.09 @ 10:37 AM)
Carmella Dellaporte says:

Besides being incredibly funny and smart, he's also good looking! ;-)

(08.16.09 @ 08:02 AM)