Maren Parsons is the most amazing wedding planner! We started working together earlier this year for my own wedding in Santa Barbara. She is truly INCREDIBLE. I can't tell her enough how much I can't wait for the wedding! Maren's attention to detail is awesome and she comes up with the neatest things!!!! And not only is she an incredible planner, but she is now an incredible friend. When I was out in Santa Barbara a little while ago, I took these of Maren and her husband Blake! They are such a great couple. Thanks Maren and Blake for sharing a fun afternoon full of laughs and jokes!

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maren Parsons says:

we love these!!! you are so talented and made us feel so relaxed. we had so much fun and it shows! thank you!

(07.13.09 @ 10:17 AM)
Emily says:

These are great! I love the ones on the train tracks, Linds!

(07.13.09 @ 12:05 PM)
Shy says:

Great job, Linds!

(07.13.09 @ 07:46 PM)
jenny says:

The train track pics are absolutely AMAZING, i love the lines of the tracks as they fade away and the way you play with each of them in and out of focus. what a great setting for a photo shoot. Also, these balloons add so much personality to the pictures, they are PERFECT with Maren's dress, and this couple is a beautiful couple, these are pics they will cherish a long time I know. If i were them, I'd have them all blown up and hung all over my house!

(09.03.09 @ 03:45 PM)