Benjamin and Bonnie were my very first shoot EVER a few years ago. Here they are again making a comeback. This time things are wilder and gritty. But they are still fabulous. Benjamin and Bonnie, enjoy these! You are superstars!

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Heidi Fazio says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! love your style....

also the new blog is just incredible!!!

(07.02.09 @ 09:45 AM)
Benjamin says:

It rocks! Bravo Lindsey, they are amazing. The talent is with the photographer, not the "models"...

(07.02.09 @ 09:51 AM)
Jeremie Rouah says:

Great pictures from a great couple! Stunning!

(07.02.09 @ 09:58 AM)
Aima says:

Ben & Bon you guyz looks awesome......... love the shots Lids. I particularly love the central park snack shop shot. I see things got a bit steamy there. Oh you honey mooners!!

(07.02.09 @ 10:47 AM)
Shy says:

I love the snack stop photo in Central Park- and the idea to photograph this couple again after a few years is great!

(07.03.09 @ 04:29 AM)
Angelica says:

Lindsey - What an amazing a blog! I love the large picture format - it truly shows your work off! And the scroll function is great. John and I can't wait for our engagement shoot! xoxo

(07.06.09 @ 09:24 AM)
jenny says:

such a classy and sophisticated couple. Bonnie looks amazing in the black dress and i LOVE the shot of her face up close through the veil, sooo pretty! what an awesome photo shoot of a stellar looking couple!

(09.03.09 @ 03:42 PM)