Nicola and Keith are my dear friends!! It was an honor to capture them having a blast in their neighborhood! And check out Nicola's Manolo Blahnik shoes! Wow! After we did some of the two of them, we brought out Callie, their baby! Thanks again for a wonderful time. You guys are just the best!!

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Nicola says:

I have to say, I am a little biased b/c these pics are of my family, but THEY ARE AWESOME! Thanks Linds for the amazing birthday present!!!!

(07.24.09 @ 10:07 AM)
Emily says:

These are great!! I especially love the first and second photos...Nicola, you look beautiful in these.

(07.24.09 @ 10:30 AM)
Efrat Gal-or says:

WOW!!! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!!

(07.24.09 @ 10:33 AM)
Keith says:

You are truly talented Lindsey! This is the first time I have genuinely enjoyed looking at pictures taken of me (sorry mom).

(07.24.09 @ 10:49 AM)
Timmi says:

They are all fantastic!! Nicola and Keith look unbelievable and Callie is soo cute!!! What great photo's!!

(07.24.09 @ 11:18 AM)
fran chelico says:

nice job Lindsey!

(07.24.09 @ 12:00 PM)
Shiva says:

Yay! I've been waiting to see these! They're great!!

(07.24.09 @ 12:05 PM)
Shy says:

I love the pictures with Callie-so cute!

(07.24.09 @ 07:11 PM)
Kay says:

You have captured the essence of all 3 of my babies. Thanks for doing such an awesome job!

(07.26.09 @ 06:02 PM)
Andrea says:

These are unbelievable! Absolutely stunning photos - Nic and Keith you look spectacular. Lindsey - next time I'm in NYC I am giving you a call for a photo op!!

(08.03.09 @ 10:42 AM)