Michelle and Sean are just total rockstars. We had the best time taking these photographs! Isn't Sean's new 1986 Porsche 930 Cabriolet amazing? We decided to use it in the shoot and it worked so well. They are truly the sweetest, most loving couple and they just rocked it out. Mr. Tini, their puppy, is amazing. What a cutie! Thank you both for such an incredible time!

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Kisha of Sahara Blue says:

LOVE your photos - the colour and tone is great..a modern vintage kinda vibe. All of the shots with the car in it are also amazing - love the one with the biker checking out the car! I also like that the setting/environment is so real.

Don't remember how I found your blog but so glad I did.

(07.29.09 @ 03:00 PM)
Rachel Clare says:

Lindsey, these are outrageous. And that RING... *drool*

(08.01.09 @ 04:00 PM)
jenny says:

These pics are gorgeous, the couple is a fantastic looking couple themselves but the pics bring out their personality even more. Love the shots w/ the car, these are some HOT photos girlfriend, i LOVE it!

(09.03.09 @ 02:35 PM)