I photographed V and her mom in Central Park in the beautiful sunshine. We haven't had much of that recently in New York, so it was a true pleasure. They have such beautiful smiles and amazing laughs! I had so much fun.

Click here to see their slideshow!

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Timmi says:

So cute! I love the slideshow option!!

(07.01.09 @ 01:23 PM)
Michael says:

Very cute!

(07.01.09 @ 01:51 PM)
Emily says:

I really LOVE this set of photos!!! She is so adorable it's ridiculous.

(07.01.09 @ 06:03 PM)
Shy says:

So cute!

(07.01.09 @ 08:39 PM)
Shiva says:

She is SO cute - those cheeks! And the slideshow option is awesome!

(07.02.09 @ 01:30 PM)
Fabiana says:

Thank you all for your comments, we also LOVE the pictures!
Thank you for doing such a magical job!!! We are going to cherish these photos forever (:
They really captured my baby's essence.
Congrats on the new website as well!

(07.08.09 @ 11:20 PM)