Angelica, John, and I had so much fun shooting at the new Highline in New York City. I just fell in love with Angelica and John. I will be shooting their wedding in September, and I can't even wait. The love and laughter that these two share is incredible. And Angelica's Prada shoes are amazing! Enjoy!

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Angelica says:

Lindsey - LOVE the photos! We loved spending the evening with you and had so much fun! It was just like hanging out with a really good friend. We can't wait for you and Timmi to shoot our wedding! xoxo

(07.27.09 @ 10:40 AM)
Shy says:

Great pictures!

(07.27.09 @ 03:06 PM)
Timmi says:

I love these photo's!!! Linds, you really captured how absolutely in love and happy these two people are. Beautiful photo's of a beautiful couple! I was trying to pick my favorite but I think they all are!!!!!

(07.27.09 @ 11:25 PM)
Anar says:

I love these pictures!!! The couple looks so in love. The location is awesome. I have to go!!

(07.28.09 @ 11:29 AM)