Anar and Dale are fabulous!!! We had so much fun doing their engagement shoot around New York City. We were laughing, dancing and trying on AMAZING shoes!!!! We even had a little bit of rain mixed in there! Thank you both for being such incredible friends.

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Emily says:

Linds, these are awesome photos. I love the effect of the rain on the streets, very cool. And Anar - you look so gorgeous!!!

(07.20.09 @ 09:24 AM)
Carey Nash says:

Love the session, there is so much real laughter and fun!

(07.20.09 @ 09:28 AM)
Sam says:

Good job, Lindsey! The pictures are gorgeous. And Anar, you look fantastic!

(07.20.09 @ 09:29 AM)
Anar says:

I love these so much!!! You are such a great friend!! Thank you for capturing us!!! xoxo

(07.20.09 @ 09:37 AM)
Shy says:

Awesome pictures. Anar: You look stunning!

(07.20.09 @ 08:13 PM)
Aimee Witherspoon says:

I LOVE these!!! Anar... you are so beautiful!!!!

(07.20.09 @ 09:58 PM)
Shiva says:

These are awesome. I was all set to say the 3rd and 4th were my favourites and then there were the dancing ones and then even more and more amazing photos. So I guess I'll just have to say I love them all! They look like a really cute couple.

(07.22.09 @ 01:08 PM)
Maribel says:

These pics are sooo beautiful! So many great shots...what a sophisticated couple! Lindsey you are missed! : )

(07.22.09 @ 01:44 PM)
jenny says:

Love the pics under the arches. Your friend looks so sexy and sassy in the pics, they're awesome, and I love her taste in shoes, she's so stylish!

(09.03.09 @ 03:34 PM)