June 29, 2009
I am so excited to have this new blog! And I could barely wait to share it with you! I just love what ITDR  has done for me. The team there is amazing. Thanks Mitzie, Anthony, Lisa, and everyone else you worked on this! Wow. You guys rock! I can't thank you enough!

As I have embarked on this wonderful photography journey -- making the leap from a real estate finance career -- I have been having a blast every single day. I just love what I do! I love meeting new people (and making incredible friends!), getting them comfortable in front of my camera, and capturing some awesome photographs of these incredibly fabulous people. Both inside and out. So thank you all for having so much fun and for trusting me so deeply!

Back to the new blog... Join the RSS feed. Follow me on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook (in the Websites dropdown). Get on the mailing list. Remember the old blog (in the Websites dropdown as well). Look around! This new blog has bigger photographs, better search functions and categories, and pretty neat blog and slideshows. Wait until you see some this week! So stay tuned. I will be blogging every single day.

Share some love on the blog when you get the urge because I am going to be giving away some blog comment prizes! I love hearing what you have to say. And my clients and friends do too.

Images in posts are always so much fun, so here is a preview of an image of what's to come over the next few days.


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Evan Parkes says:

Your amazing linds keep up the great work and it will pay off, love your pics = )

(06.29.09 @ 06:33 PM)
Timmi says:

I LOVE IT!!! Woooohooo!!

(06.29.09 @ 06:39 PM)
Karyn says:

Love it! I'm so jealous of the giant photos. Beautiful! Awesome awesome.

(06.29.09 @ 06:40 PM)
Anar says:

OH WOW!!! The blog is amazing! This photo is incredible!!!

(06.29.09 @ 06:42 PM)
Shiva says:

Amazing photo! Love the new blog!

(06.29.09 @ 06:50 PM)
Aima says:

Awesome blog Linds. Love the photo!!!

(06.29.09 @ 06:54 PM)
Emily says:

Linds--the new blog is totally worth having checked obsessively all day at work! I love it. Very cool preview photo also.

(06.29.09 @ 06:56 PM)
Rachel says:

love the new blog!! looks fantastic. now I want one!

(06.29.09 @ 07:22 PM)
Megan says:

ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!!! so good to see you today. LOVE THIS

(06.29.09 @ 07:55 PM)
Shy says:

Your new blog is awesome!

(06.29.09 @ 07:56 PM)
Keith says:

Lindsey, you are truly gifted. Your photographs are amazing! I can't wait for Friday (and I hate having my picture takent).

(06.29.09 @ 08:09 PM)
maren Parsons says:

Lindsey! I'm so excited for you and cant wait to see what's next. Your work is amazing and you made the right move from real estate finance to photography - we need you!!

(06.29.09 @ 09:32 PM)
Erik A. Kaiser says:

Lindsey, you are so talented!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(06.29.09 @ 09:46 PM)
Josh Goldstein says:

You're da BAWSSSSSSS!!!!

(06.29.09 @ 11:43 PM)
Efrat Gal-or says:

I've been waiting for this!! Very, very, nice blog. HOT picture! 'Dang girl!! You work that camera!

(06.30.09 @ 12:15 AM)
Emily Henkel says:

This makes me want to buy perfume....

(06.30.09 @ 12:29 AM)
melanie says:

what a talent! you are always amazing us linds, keep up the awesome work!

(06.30.09 @ 01:48 AM)
Tala says:

Your blog is amazing Lindsey! I LOVE IT!

(06.30.09 @ 04:05 AM)
Hunter Lingle says:

You are amazing! I LOVE this photo above!

(06.30.09 @ 10:27 AM)
Meghan says:

The new blog is awesome Linds. I love looking at it!

(06.30.09 @ 11:38 PM)
Michael says:

What an awesome new blog, Linds! You did such a great job. I love it! Any such a HOT picture to kick off !!!

(07.01.09 @ 01:45 PM)
Kay from Texas says:

Absolutely love your style...can't wait to see the pics of Keith and Nic

(07.06.09 @ 04:53 PM)
Adie says:

These pictures are so cool, Lindsey! Or as they would say in the DR, Que chulo! The new blog looks amazing! Great work!

(07.06.09 @ 11:35 PM)
Nana says:

Your pictures will be treasured forever by the lucky people you photograph Linds.
I'm so proud of you. Nana.

(07.13.09 @ 01:52 PM)